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Energy Management Contracting EMC

The company adopts the business operation mode of energy performance contracting (EPC) and BOT project financing mode. By creating a scientific and practical energy management method, the company formulates an energy-saving transformation plan with the company's core technology, and provides energy-saving project services and energy management services to enterprises, or use the BOT project financing model. Through the development of a win-win mechanism, the company uses the latest energy-saving technologies to replace old ones with new ones, improves processes, enhances maintenance and energy consumption monitoring and other technical and management measures, performs effective user-side load management relying on its own advanced and mature energy management technologies, helps companies improve energy efficiency, save energy and reduce energy costs according to the "demand is what you supply" principle. We are looking forward to sharing the latest energy-saving technological achievements with all people of insight, intends to measure the current energy consumption and energy efficiency for you freely in accordance with the "win-win" cooperation principle, put forward the potential of energy saving, predict energy savings of energy-saving measures for various options, and submit scientific energy quality analysis reports, energy-saving rate prediction reports, energy-saving investment analysis reports, energy-saving overall solutions and project design based on the status of your energy system.