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Project consultancy

Engineering consulting, environmental impact assessment, risk assessment, emergency plan, environmental supervision business

The company has tempered a team of highly qualified professionals with proficient, dynamic and rich practical experience, which can provide customers with more accurate and professional technical consulting and services on environmental protection projects:

◆The company uses multi-disciplinary knowledge and experience, modern science and technology and management methods, and follows the principles of independence, science, and fairness to provide engineering consulting services for government departments and investors in investment decisions and implementation of economic construction and engineering projects, so as to improve macro and microeconomic benefits. The company's business expertise: preparation of project feasibility study report, project application report, fund application report; evalsuation consultation; tender consultation.

◆The company can provide efficient, high-quality and professional environmental impact assessment services to enterprises, help them achieve economic and environmental benefits, and achieve harmonious progress between environmental protection and economic development.

◆ The company's technical team has a full range of technical and policy consulting and integration capabilities in the field of environmental risk assessment, and has accumulated rich experiences. According to the characteristics of various industries, the company can provide comprehensive and feasible professional guidance for enterprises, effectively prevent corporate environmental risks, and effectively solve corporate environmental problems.

◆The company has accumulated rich experiences to provide emergency response services for enterprises, improve the emergency response capabilities of environmental pollution accidents, and reduce the impact of sudden environmental pollution accidents on the environment and the safety of the people.

◆The company can provide enterprises with environmental supervision services and engineering consultancy services at various stages of design, construction, and trial operation during project construction.