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MBR flat membrane and other membrane products

Leading a new generation of technological changes in the membrane industry - true flat "dry" membrane - MBR flat membrane

International leading technology, unique formula, "dry" membrane process

1、 Dry storage in any environment, no glycerin moisturizing or water infiltration, low transportation and installation losses

2、 Components do not need to be assembled on site, and the transportation is convenient, thus realizing saving of labor and time

3、 There is no need for hydrophilic treatment after multiple effluent drying or no loss of membrane performance. The service life is more than 5 years.

4、Ultra-thin membrane coating, with a thickness of about 20-40 μm; the effective pore size of the membrane surface functional layer is about 0.1 μm, and the pore distribution is even to ensure the stability of the water quality and water production.

Membrane coating adopts proprietary technology - unique formula of modified PVDF:

1、Large flux. The membrane surface is 100% hydrophilic, enhancing its anti-pollution performance and penetration performance;

2、Strong anti-fouling performance. A protective water layer is formed on the surface of the membrane, which can effectively resist the precipitation of pollutants on the membrane surface, avoid clogging of the membrane pores, maintain a large flux operation, and extend the cleaning cycle.

3、High efficiency and low energy consumption. Hydrophilicity determines the active water absorption characteristics, therefore the same area can penetrates more quickly, with higher efficiency and lower energy consumption.

Energy-saving technology for sewage treatment in the future - membrane aeration bio-membrane reactor (MABR):

Research and development of international leading proprietary technology products - MABR membrane. MABR membrane is a new type of sewage treatment technology that organically integrates gas separation membrane technology and biological membrane water treatment technology. It has low aeration (high oxygen utilization rate close to 100%), has achieved simultaneous nitrification/denitrification and anaerobic ammonia oxidation, and has simultaneously removed COD, BOD, ammonia nitrogen and total nitrogen. The removal efficiency is high, and the sludge output is less. The product is high efficiency and energy saving.