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Industrial waste gas treatment project performance

Industrial exhaust gas treatment project performance list

Sinopec Qilu Branch Rubber Factory Styrene Ore Treatment Project (9000 m3/h)

Foul odor control project of the second chemical fertilizer plant of Sinopec Qilu Branch (4800 m3/h)

Sinopec Qilu Branch Shengli Refinery Industrial Waste Gas Treatment Project(5000 m3/h)

Odor control project of Sinopec Jiujiang Branch (10000 m3/h)

Shandong Huachen Biochemical Co., Ltd. Odor Control Project (18000 m3/h)

Zibo Huayuan Chemical Co., Ltd. waste gas treatment project (6000 m3/h)

Shandong Qiwangda Group Haizhong Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. hydroxide waste gas treatment project

Malodorous gas treatment system of China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation Maoming Branch

Cangshan County Transportation Bureau Asphalt Mixing Station Fume Treatment Project

Fujian Fuxiang Chemical Co., Ltd. styrene butadiene butadiene rubber combined plant odor control project (25000 m3/h)